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  1. Customers are advised to take delivery of the tyres at the Preferred Installation Date and Time.
  2. If you wish to change the Preferred Installation Date or Time, please call 6385 3327 / 8799 2284.
  3. If you fail to take delivery of the tyres within 7 days from the Preferred Installation Date, 365 Automotive has right to cancel the order and no refund will be given.
  4. In the event that the reserved tyres are found to be damaged or in abnormal working condition, 365 Automotive shall be entitled at our sole discretion to either replace the goods or refund to you the price of the goods.
Product Details
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/Dunlop SP Touring R1 185/55/R15 Tyre
Dunlop SP Touring R1 185/55/R15 Tyre
Dunlop SP Touring R1 185/55/R15 Tyre
Dunlop SP Touring R1 delivers greater durability and even road contact. An enhanced groove design provides improved water evacuation for better stability in the wet. Suitable for small and medium cars.


Enhanced groove design
Circular cross profile
Wider steel belt and high tension casing play

Prices included the following services:

New Valve
Nitrogen gas top-up

Price: $75/Pieces
Price is also inclusive of GST. No Other Hidden Cost!

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Brand New
SGD $75.00